Polar HMR sauna heater

Polar HMR sauna heater

This is a Polar wall mounted sauna heater, with the control knobs on the heater, that makes the installation easy, as no extra cables are needed to be placed for temperature sensor and control panel.

The benefit of this heater having been in production for decades is that it is thoroughly tried and tested in hundreds of thousands of units made. The control is purely mechanical, so it is simple and rugged.

You will get a great durable sauna heater for a great price, we highly recommend it.

Note: the heater stones are included with the heater!

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* Easy to install
* Robust construction tested over decades
* Compact size, great for small-mid size saunas
* Not expensive
The Polar HMR wall mounted sauna heater is a classic. The simple model has control knobs on the heater. It has been in production for decades and sold under many brand names. A timeless robust choice for your sauna, available at saunastore.

Manufacturer:Polar Sauna

Width: 16,1 in (410 mm)

Depth: 11 in (280 mm)

Height: 21,6 in (550 mm)

Weight: 24 lb (11 kg)

Stone quantity of the 4,5 kW version is 33 lbs, 6 and 8 kW 50 lbs.

Sauna size:
100 ft³-210 ft³ (3-7 m³) : 4,5 kW
175 ft³-310 ft³ (5-10 m³) : 6 kW
250 ft³-425 ft³ (7-12 m³) : 8 kW

The safety distance to burning materials is:
______ Front__Side_____
4,5 kW: - 4" - 3"
6 kW: - 5" - 4"
8 kW: - 6" - 5"

Galvanized steel, stainless steel

Remove the stones from the heater once per year, for inspection, replace any broken stones or stones with calcium or other deposit, and re-insert the stones carefully.

Polar HMR product guide

NOTE: First, calculate your sauna volume and for each sqft of glass or tile surface add 10 cubic feet to the calculation. Then look in the linked guide the required heater power. We recommend to choose the power version for your sauna on the upper side (so for a 200 cubic foot sauna choose the 6 kW instead of the 4,5 kW.)

We recommend to install the heater as low on the wall as allowed, not like in many pictures you see on the internet where sauna heaters are installed quite high on the wall.

Ships out from warehouse normally within 2-3 of the order.

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