Harvia Cilindro floor standing sauna heater

Harvia Cilindro floor standing sauna heater

The Harvia Cilindro sauna heater is one of the most popular sauna heaters in the wide range of Harvia products, and thus one of the most popular heaters in the world. The reason is the great relation of quality and performance to cost. The Harvia Cilindro floor standing sauna heater has a perfect amount of stones, however is quite sleek to fit in most saunas, and gives ample soft steam and heat evenly to your sauna.

Sauna heater stones are NOT included with the heater, so add them separately. 200 lbs of sauna rocks are needed. Thus for 200 lbs you need 5 boxes having 44 lbs.

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The Harvia Cilindro is right for you, when:
* Cilindro is great for small-to-mid sized saunas.
* The narrow design and small safety distances helps placement.
* Great rock quantity allows ample soft steam.
* Harvia is well known respected manufacturer.
* Harvia ensures reliability and safety of the sauna heater with an official UL Listing.


Width: 14 in (360 mm)

Depth: 13 in (340 mm)

Height: 40 in (1010 mm)

Weight: 37,5 lbs (17 kg), the 10,5kW is 46,3 lbs (21 kg)

Room size:
These sizes are our corrections to the Harvia values.
141 ft³ - 294 ft³ (4-8 m³) : 6 kW
212 ft³ - 431 ft³ (6-12 m³): 8 kW
282 ft³ - 494 ft³ (8-14 m³): 9 kW
318 ft³ - 636 ft³ (9-18 m³): 10,5 kW

Stone capacity: 200 lbs (90 kg)
Stones are included with the heater.

Safety distance to combustible materials (wood):
* The back and sides: 1,2" (30 mm)
* Front: 4" (110 mm)

Stainless steel

Remove the stones from the heater once per year, for inspection, replace any broken stones or stones with calcium or other deposit, and re-insert the stones carefully.

Ships out from warehouse normally within 2-3 days of the order.

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