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    8 products

    You need a sauna in your home to relax

    To take care of one's health is essential, you need to treat your health. Stress is one of the biggest factors in causing various illnesses, and the sauna is known, and proven so, to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of cardiovasculary diseases such as heart attack. Take sauna 4-5 times per week to have the optimal effect. Heat the sauna to 85°C, take two or three sessions of 15-20 minutes, relax, cool down, drink water, no worries.

    Bathroom saunas that are made for you

    The Northern Lights AURA sauna family was designed to fit into very small spaces, bathrooms, pool rooms, shower rooms even dressing rooms. The idea is that you do have a space for a sauna, and we have the sauna for you to place there. Then the sauna will be part of your and your family daily life. The AURA sauna was designed over a decade ago with the experience only we Finns have of the sauna, in Finland, for the sauna experts that the Finns are. So we are glad and confident to offer it to you.

    Choose the right size model, and then go build it for you.

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