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    Here are some key points along the years:

    *  1994  Saunastore was founded. We began by importing Finnish saunas to the North American market.

    *  1998 we opened the web shop We were one of the first sauna companies online.

    *  1999 we created the brand "Northern Lights Sauna" for our own saunas. That was registered in the USA and in Finland.

    *  2000 the site opened for the European market.

    *  2011 a new website expanded our service internationally to several countries in Europe. We introduced Room Designer and Augmented Reality tools.

    *  2011 We launched the indoor sauna family "AURA".

    *  2015 we opened a new Showroom in Espoo, Finland

    We participated in multiple trade shows and delivered saunas all around the world.

    *  2023  Now you are on our new site that we are very proud of and continue to develop.

      We have designed saunas for nearly 30 years. Sometimes we see saunas that were poorly designed, where the designer did not have an understanding of how and why some details should be in a certain way. We have an engineering and manufacturing expertise, and decades of customer service experience.

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        Saunastore Showroom

        Mankkaantie 5 G, 02180 Espoo, Finland

        Open with appointment, so call in advance.

        tel. +358 40 8282497

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