NL2015 Deco white

NL2015 Deco white

Kudos you found this sauna! The Northern Luxury NL2015 Deco is a true Finnish sauna designed with decades of experience in Finland. It has an incredible set of desirable features: the right materials, the right dimensions, the right ventilation, the right heater. You won't feel claustrophobic with the large window area. The Deco is a fabulous city sauna for three persons, designed for your deck, balcony, penthouse sky deck, back yard. We can modify the sauna features and colours in collaboration with you.

Contact us now for more info! Note that the pictures present a similiar heater model. The specific heater model is the Huum Steel, that we have on offer also separately.

With Apple iOS and Safari, check the 3D model, see it in real size in augmented reality.

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Why choose the Northern Lights Deco sauna over other manufacturers models?

1. Buying a sauna is not only about the product, it is about the service. We have the experience to walk you through.

2. We have a 3-decade experience, each detail is carefully designed.

3. The materials are top quality. There are no compromises, we choose each material to make the sauna the best it can be.

4. We listen to you, we have a conversation with you, we fulfill your requests. Your sauna is unique to you.

Manufacturer:Northern Lights Sauna

Length at the roof edge: 87" (222 cm) / walls 79" (200 cm)

Depth: at the roof edge 67" (170 cm) / walls 59" (150 cm)

Height: 89" (227 cm)

Weight: c. 1800 lbs (c. 800 kg)

Heater model: HUUM Steel, power 10,5 kW. Control unit: Huum UKU Glass

Included with the sauna:
* Air ventilation fan
* Sauna lamp
* Thermometer
* Pail
* Ladle
* Heater control unit
* Heater stones
* LED lights

- Wall paneling: Alder
- Bench surfaces: Thermo Aspen
- The wall surfaces are a stone composite.
- The roof surface is EPDM rubber.

General maintenance instructions

Northern Lights DECO Sauna general assembly instructions

The control panel can be located on the side or front wall, or with a long connection cable to entirely another location, but you need to specify this request to us upon order.
The Deco-sauna does not have a floor but it is installed on a ready surface, where its aluminium base frame is laid down and wall elements erected on that. The aluminium frame can be bolted down to the base.

The electrical connections and cabling is done during installation by an electrician who needs to supply cabling. The sauna is delivered as a kit, so you need to arrange installation. Installation time is typically 2 days, but is often done in one day.

Note that we manufacture the saunas to your order in Europe, and thus the total order lead time is c. 8-10 weeks. This is comprised of 4-6 week production time, and 4-5 week delivery time with sea freight. We will communicate with you about the accurate progress. With special order saunas can be air freighted.

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