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Saunastore is an expert and the premium source of small indoor saunas for bathrooms and small spaces. We specialize in supporting customers in all types of sauna design, large and small, sauna construction and projects. We offer great sauna accessories such as Lapuan Kankurit linen textiles and Sawo sauna accessories. Ask us if you have any question. - - Ari Aho, General manager

Saunastore recommends these products

An excellent indoor sauna NL1214 Aura
At 123 cm wide x 140 cm deep, it's compact yet has excellent comfort for enjoying sauna daily. High quality and smart design, this is your sauna.
A stylish outdoor sauna NL2015 Deco
Just perfect in dimensions and features, 3 persons will enjoy and have soul soothing sauna steam in this very elegant outdoor sauna. Check this out!

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Saunastore began delivering saunas to customers in the USA in 1994. Our management is from Finland originally, so we grew up with saunas all our lives. Many companies sell saunas, but we have designed Finnish saunas for 30 years, and that is a totally different level of understanding in all details of what makes a sauna function in a great way.

We offer design service. Let's review your sauna project together, we'll suggest the steps to take and consult on the suitable products. If a bespoke, custom made solution is the right solution for your case, then you are in good hands