Sauna heater Rocks, 44 Lbs.

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Sauna heater Rocks, 44 Lbs. [Northern]
Sauna heater Rocks,  44 Lbs.



Sauna heater rocks should not be overlooked as one of the most important details to make the sauna bathing what it should be.

Sauna heater is a particularly hostile environment for any material, and especially the rocks. They are heated to high temperatures, and then cooled suddenly by pouring water on to them, and then expected to resume heat, to be quenched again. Any regular rock will reduce to crumbles. Only some volcanic rock types can withstand this heat cycle, but the next question is will they store heat.

Any light or porous rock is not good. A too soft rock will crumble, and might give off dust with the water vapour, and although likely not hazardous to health, can give its own scent to the sauna that is not welcome.

The optimal, and most widely used, is Olivine Diabase, found in Finland. It is not corrosive, magnetic, nor conductive, and it has an excellent capacity to hold heat. We recommend using only Olivine Diabase rocks on your heater.

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Olivine Diabase.

Selected size and form of rocks to fit your heater. C. 44 lbs (20 kg) per box.

Rocks have been washed, but you must wash dust off before installation. Monitor your sauna rocks and replace any cracked ones. Unload the rocks from your heater at least once per year, wash them and change any that show signs of cracking. It may be a good idea to change all rocks once per year, depending on your sauna bathing activity. Always use only pure clean and fresh water on your heater.

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